Pathogen testing is currently conducted at more than 10,000 locations globally to ensure the safety of food, beverages, and pharmaceutical products. Fast, accurate strain typing of pathogens can protect brand image, improve consumer protection, speed outbreak investigation and response, and reduce industry costs.

New regulations, growing consumer concern, and increasing product recalls are expanding the demand for rapid pathogen strain typing in microbiology testing programs conducted by:

  • Government agencies
  • Contract testing laboratories
  • Food and beverage companies
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers

Food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, contract testing labs, and government agencies and labs test raw materials, in-process goods, production facilities and finished products to ensure product quality and safety, and to detect potentially dangerous pathogens such as Salmonella or E. coli.

If a pathogen is detected in a food ingredient, product or production facility, or as part of a public health outbreak investigation, additional testing is required to identify the pathogen strain and track it back to its source. 

Because PathoGenetix’s Genome Sequence Scanning™ (GSS™) isolates and scans microbial DNA directly from a mixed culture—and does not require a pure culture isolate—it greatly reduces the time, complexity, skill and cost required by other molecular typing and sequencing methods.

Food Safety Testing and Public Health Outbreak Investigations

PathoGenetix’s GSS technology will be integrated in the RESOLUTION™ Microbial Genotyping System for use in food safety testing and foodborne illness outbreak investigation.  Systems will be available for customer evaluations in the fall of 2013 with commercial sales beginning early in 2014.

  • Confirms and strain types pathogens from enriched, “presumptive positive” samples in 5 hours.
  • Provides strain type information even when multiple strains of target pathogen are present.
  • Enables faster traceback of pathogens detected in finished products or production environment.
  • Shortens investigation and response time in foodborne illness outbreaks.
  • Enables quicker decisions affecting food safety and public health.

The fully automated RESOLUTION System includes the instrument, bioinformatics software and database, and pathogen-specific assays


  • Works directly from complex mixtures, such as an enriched food sample or clinical specimen culture.
  • Saves multiple days, and many hours of specialized labor.


  • Eliminates the time, expense and selection bias of the cultural isolation process.
  • Specificity comparable to Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE).

Easy to Use

  • Compatible with rapid detection methods often used in clinical and food testing laboratories.
  • Easy-to-use, walk-away system requires minimal training or skill.

Despite current testing, each year more than 48 million Americans contract foodborne illnesses, resulting in 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths. 

The RESOLUTION™  System can perform bacterial strain typing directly from complex samples, eliminating many hands-on steps and providing actionable information within five hours, days faster than existing approaches.