RESOLUTION System Benefits

  • Automated DNA sample preparation
  • Rapid genome scanning


  • Single-use
  • Target-specific 


  • Fast, actionable information


Powered by Genome Sequence Scanning™ Technology

Fully Automated Pathogen Identification and Strain Typing

The RESOLUTION™ System, with patented Genome Sequence Scanning™ technology, is the only bacterial identification system that provides molecular serotype and strain type information directly from a complex sample—in just five hours. 

The RESOLUTION System includes a benchtop instrument, targeted assays, and onboard bioinformatics. The automated system and simple protocol require minimal training and skill level, and greatly reduce the time and complexity of the work involved when compared to other molecular and genotypic identification approaches.

Fast Results

  • Pathogen strain typing from complex sample in under 5 hours
  • Pure culture is not required
  • No primer design or antibodies required
  • Rule in/rule out on day one of epidemiological investigations 

Resolution Microbial Genotyping System

Accuracy and Compatibility

  • Specificity comparable to pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE)
  • Consistent results across operators and labs
  • New strain data easily uploaded and shared across labs

Ease of Use

  • Easy-to-use, walk-away system requires minimal training or skill
  • Simple protocol with just minutes hands-on time per batch
  • Flexibility to run between one and eight samples per batch
  • Capable of processing 40 samples in a 24-hour period

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