PathoGenetix, Resolution System, microbial identification, benchtop instrument

RESOLUTION™ Microbial Genotyping System


Powered by Genome Sequence Scanning Technology

The RESOLUTION System’s automated bench-top instrument with onboard bioinformatics and reporting provides actionable information—within five hours of loading the sample. No additional data analysis or report generation is required.

Based on powerful Genome Sequence Scanning™ (GSS™) technology originally developed to detect bio-threat pathogens in environmental samples, RESOLUTION’s custom software creates and analyzes GSS barcodes, which are based on the underlying genome sequence of the organism, and compares them to a database of potential matching templates to identify the organism.

  • DNA fragments are scanned, revealing underlying sequence information including fragment length and the spatial pattern of tags, resulting in a digital barcode
  • Barcodes are analyzed and compared to the RESOLUTION Database 
  • The RESOLUTION Software assembles fingerprints (combination of barcodes generated by a single isolate) based on similarity to fingerprint templates in the database
  • Tracking of multiple fingerprints enables identification of multiple organisms in one sample
  • Clinical isolates and whole genome sequence data can be converted to fingerprints for incorporation in the RESOLUTION Database
  • Fingerprint templates can be electronically distributed for rapid availability and comparison in the field

Two Methods of Operation

The RESOLUTION System offers two modes of operation that allow it to

  • Confirm/Identify presumptive positive samples (Classify)
  • Type Pure Culture Isolates/Whole Genome Sequences (WGS) for expansion of the RESOLUTION Database (Cluster).


Template-based matching software confirms and identifies presumptive positives and outbreak strains

  • From an enriched biological sample or isolate
  • Provides serotype and strain type information and level of similarity to fingerprint templates in the database


Custom sorting software analyzes fingerprints from isolates or WGS data for addition to the RESOLUTION Database

  • Compares each barcode within a fingerprint
  • Clusters similar fingerprints
  • Adds fingerprints to the RESOLUTION database



RESOLUTION™  Microbial Genotyping System offers two modes of operation that allow it to both confirm and identify presumptive positive samples, and to type pure culture isolates or whole genome sequences (WGS) for expansion of the RESOLUTION Database.